Friday, August 24, 2012

my day

At this time of year We have come a long way, my friend How many hours we have spent Seems like we're always working Through the steady sweep of days Keeping focus as the currents race And I wanted you to know This is my day And I'm gonna be okay

Monday, August 13, 2012

august week 1 and 2

all things

this post was supposed to be titled all thing evil. but not. last week the monday to friday at work was terrible terrible terrible. :(

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

may end of month

One of my office mates and I have constantly said “ May will soon be over”. Today is the last day of May. And so begins June. I am grateful still. For the air that I breathe. This life is borrowed, I am lucky to be living in this world For the wonderful people that surround me. My friends, some near and some I have not seen for some time. Despite our distance I am grateful that I call you my friend. Your friendship has been influential for most of the time. For the people that I work with. We may give each other a difficult time but at the end of the day we are one team and we definitely work together to get things done. I am now part of a bigger team, a bigger picture. I am grateful that my kids from my od team has grown to become leaders . They have a lot learn as I do . The sense of understanding and passion that you have for the work is amazing. I am proud on your sense of maturity. It touches me when you say “I better understand you now. What you were doing wasn’t easy.. and I try to do your approach”. When each of you share your experiences as leads it makes me proud. You will definitely do greater things, there will be hard times but we will be fine. For the flu shot. For my recovering health. For my ever stretched patience and for other people’s patience for me. For the ever improving basketball team from our team. Last Saturday’s game was the finest. For my housemates, busted doorknob and flood in the second floor et al. Thank you for the Sundays where we would get together, lambast the things we see on TV and have a good laugh. For the good breakfast that I have been having for the past two days (last two days of May). My breakfast buddy has been great; the walks that we share and the laughter is something that I would look back to. It never fails to paint a smile in my face. For music. May- you have been a challenging month. Your lessons I won’t forget. The mistakes I hope never to repeat. I have learned and I am learning still. My mind is free.  Songs that were overplayed this month. Cool Gwen Stefani, for what its worth and I need some fine wine nd oyu you need to be nicer –the cardigans, just a girl –no doubt, the one that got away- Katy Perry and d’yer maker – Sheryl crow version.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

about a minute ago

loser- beck / butterfly with bullet wings- smashing pumpkins/army of me bjork / imissoyu bjork/ praise you fatboy slim /jeremy- pearl jam/ esem - yano / pareko eheads/ big me -foo fighters/ celebrity skin - hole LikeUnlike · · about a minute ago ·

to listen randomly

karen elson - the truth is in the dirt in the ground the video reminded me of those goth neil gaimman short stories. and clicked to some toehr karen elson she sounds really .. a bit country too ( hearing cruel summer live)

post ; billie holdiay plays

summertime by billie holiday plays. i have been spending two days in another house being nursed after my lateral knee and lateral leg minor surgery. the workload (oh the workload) awaits. i will most likely go back to the office later and will master the art of sleeping. i will have to wake up an hour earlier before my waking time to take care of my the wound. i have to cover it , it should not get wet while bathing and then i have to change the bandages. i have been doing it dor the past two days so my speed in doing the task can be offly increased . but whenever i see the nasty-2mm deep cut, 3/4 inch diameter cut ..i just cringe. it psycholoigical i suppoose. i will have to be better or pretend to be better. my life mostly revolved around the sense of accomplishment that i am getting from work. When I go back i still hope to have that to get that. (thank you to youtube though and , i am listening to the songs of 100 greatest singers of all time)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

i long for sleep

this week has been ultimately tiring and lone. People have been difficult and have been trying to test my patience. i have been tested indeed. i will become stronger.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Monday, May 28, 2012